Household water meters

These water meters are designed to be installed into external or internal shafts of buildings. Due to harsher conditions in the external shaft, all water meters and electronic data transfer modules are waterproof and are compliant with the IP68 protection standard.
Household water meters are cold and hot water meters ranging from DN15mm to DN40mm. Installation to the current water pipe system is done with threaded couplings.
All water meters have the capability to be monitored remotely, and can be upgraded with special electronic modules to do so, without dismantling the meter itself or damaging the meteorological seal.

Non-return valves
Water meters have the capability to be fitted with special non-return valves, which significantly decrease the installation time and consequently the shaft size and they prevent drainage of household water systems in case of water shortage.
The greatest threat in a water shortage scenario is in the devices that either produce or store hot water. All devices are connected to the same pipe system, which means that in case of a water shortage, the water starts to drain to the water intake or master pipe, and by doing so the hot water passes through devices and pipes that weren’t made for hot water and can cause serious damage.


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